The fastest way to get job

Our EPIC process sets you up for success.

Customized Plan

We offer tailored action plan based on your current preparation and goals.

Interview Coverage

Solve almost all coding interview problems with community mentors and other aspirants.

Get Referred

Referrals to tech companies with access to free mentorship and recent interview experiences.

Select the Best

Expert advice on offer evaluation and the choice of right company for you.

How it works

We collect different type of opportunities across a wide range of companies and make sure that we match you with the ones that best suit your interest and skills.

1. Screening

Ensure that you are at a level where the consumption of content in optimal.

2. Evaluate

Together we’ll discover which profile and roles are best for you.

3. We help you prepare

Level up your application package, resume, online presence, and interview skills.

4. Interview

Interview with targeted employers and get friendly feedback every step of the way.

5. Accept Offers

Get offers from top companies and choose the one you like the most.


An ecosystem of personal mentor, TAs and lecturers ensure you learn right things at right pace. Post that, your career coach helps you find a job that you love.


David Buser

CEO @ BuserNet | Pilot

Nimisha Gupta

Program Manager @ Microsoft

Jeffery McCommas

Fullstack Engineer

Namita Kaura

Senior System Management Analyst
@ UnitedHealth Group

Eema Naqvi

Graphics Designer

Yashasvi Diptivilasa

Product Manager @ KAYAK Boston

Kapil Jugnu

Senior Software Engineer

Deepak Kumar

Senior Blockchain Developer

Sumit Manchanda

UX Designer

Komal Kumar

Data Engineer @ Publicis Sapient

Qaim Alvi

Senior Full Stack Developer

Pay after you get placed

Post Paid
80k Cheque + Agreement

Pay 80k for 2 months course via Cheque and an Agreement signed by both party to incash cheque when you get job.

Post Paid (EMI)
15% of base salary for 2 years

Pay us 15% of base salary for 2 years when you get a job. (Maximum Total Payment: 1.5 Lacs)

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